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Assumption Life offers support services to improve health and well-being at work, resolve physical and psychological problems in the short term and prevent absenteeism in organizations through individualized support for employees and managers.


Included with long-term disability insurance coverage, HEALTH FOCUS offers support services by referral and enables managers and union representatives to refer an employee for professional help so that they can regain their quality of life.

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Six hours
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Assumption Life offers managers and union representatives specialized professional support that is fast and confidential to help them manage a difficult situation with an employee, a group of employees or a colleague. This service aims to provide advice and tools to group policyholders to prevent problematic situations from deteriorating and eventually requiring an extended leave of absence.

Our coaching service is inspired by our Employee Assistance Program but is specifically designed to support managers and union representatives with the challenges that they face.

In order to help seniors and families find a retirement home or childcare services, Assumption Life refers its clients to various systems and resources, regardless of the province of residence. Following an evaluation, identifying the appropriate resources will make it possible to determine the best way to proceed.

In cases where a public system may be involved, we make sure to give proper advice to the person and inform them of the process and steps to follow.

In addition to offering individualized support from our professionals, this service may, depending on the situation, enable you to book certain medical appointments earlier within the public health system for a variety of specialties and various tests and examinations. Assumption Life may also help insured individuals find a family physician.

In addition to individual difficulties, organizations may be faced with disturbing events that have an impact on employees, work teams or even the organization as a whole.

These crisis situations may be challenging for managers and union representatives, but support services can help lighten the load.

In less than one hour, the manager will receive all the necessary telephone support. In situations requiring on-site intervention, a specialized agent will be there in less than 12 hours.

Legal and financial problems can impact an employee's morale and decrease productivity. A one-hour telephone counselling session with a qualified and experienced team is available to all employees to help them resolve their problems.

Video clips

on healthy management practices

Health newsletters

Video clips
and reference documents

These tools make it possible to better understand certain situations, better manage them, recognize the warning signs and identify possible solutions.

Post-disability return to work

Generalized anxiety disorder

Finances and psychological health

Understanding and living through grief

Suicide prevention

Workplace conflict management

Difficult personalities

Organizational change

Alcohol addiction: detecting the problem

Alcohol addiction: intervening with an employee

Support services

Promoting health in the workplace

Employees in difficulty

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